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QuikContact Features

QuikContact is easy–to–use, secure, reliable, scalable, and customizable. And that’s just a start. Here’s more of QuikContact’s great features:

Message Creation — Multiple Ways:

  • Call our toll–free number and record your message from any touch tone phone. You can record, play, and re–record the message until you’re satisfied.
  • Upload a Wav or MP3 audio file of your message. If you have a microphone on your computer, you can create and send the file without leaving your desk.
  • Reuse a previous message. QuikContact lets you store messages so you can use them again later.
  • User documentation and live support available.

Contact List Development

  • Upload your contact lists from Excel or create online; you can also import contact information from a database.
  • Create unlimited lists and contact numbers.

Message Broadcasting:

  • Emergency call priority — Emergency broadcasts take precedence over all system calls.
  • Surveys/Polling with IVR registration of customer data
  • Caller ID displays your phone number — the call recipient will respond more readily to a familiar number.
  • Flexible broadcast delivery time — you can set the date and time your message is sent.
  • Restrict calling window for time of day and weekdays — no more late–night calls.
  • Call delivery confirmation
  • ‘Find Me’ capability and contact number sequencing — once a party acknowledges the call, QuikContact stops calling other numbers for that person.
  • Set busy and no–answer retry intervals
  • Accept replies from recipients and access them via web or phone
  • Allow message replay — listeners can replay the message.


  • Secure access via computer or phone — we use SSL encryption and RSA SecurID to protect your information.


  • Real–time reports with performance statistics for each broadcast
  • Archived reports available


  • Billing increments in 30 second intervals
  • No long–distance charges
  • No charge for busy signals or no answers

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