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Available Pricing Plans

Telserv Technologies, LLC offers several pricing plans and payment options to our customers. Depending on your needs, you may even request a customized package. Our goal is to provide the plan that works best for you and we always allow upgrades with no payment penalties.

Unlimited Calling Plans

This plan is typically used by educational organizations or athletic clubs whose enrollment numbers do not fluctuate more than 5 to 10 percent over the course of a 12 month period. This package will allow you to pay a small dollar amount per enrolled student/member and make an unlimited number of calls over a 12–month period.

We offer both single building unlimited plan as well as district–wide discounted plans.

Call us on 1–888–483–5737 or email us at info@teleservtechnologies.com to determine exact pricing for your organization.

  • With the Unlimited Plan there is no charge for staff and faculty targets.
  • Prepay annually up front or break into payments (monthly or quarterly)
  • No restrictions on usage purposes: call for orientation, staff meetings, parent meetings and lunch account alerts, attendance, sports events, cancelations, emergencies, early dismissals, school activities and more.
  • Maximum message and recipient reply length — 60 seconds.
  • Emergency and two survey calls at no additional charge.
  • No set up or annual maintenance fees.
  • Credit card or invoice billing available.

Block Purchase Plans

This plan is available to anyone who has a need to make occasional calls to any size group. You determine the block of time you’ll need based on the number of targets you wish to reach and the length of the message you plan to send.

  • Purchase a block of minutes.
  • Usage charges are debited from your account with each broadcast.
  • Calls are rounded in 30–second increments.
Minutes Price Price/Min.
200 $48 $0.24
500 $110 $0.22
1,250 $250 $0.20
2,500 $450 $0.18
5,000 $800 $0.16
25,000 $3500 $0.14
50,000 $6000 $0.12
  • The number of targets and the length of each message will determine the number of calls that can be made on a block plan. Example: A 40 second recorded message sent to 300 recipients would use 300 call minutes of call time. A 20 second recorded message (with no replays or replies) would use approximately 150 minutes of call time.
  • Additional calling units can be purchased as needed or your account can be recharged automatically when current usage balance hits zero.
  • Remaining account balance is always shown on your secure account page.
  • Hint: If you choose not to keep your credit card on file, be sure to watch your balance to ensure there are enough minutes left to complete any broadcast or survey you launch.
  • You can upgrade from a block plan to an unlimited plan without penalty at any time. (You may even be able to apply previous charges toward your unlimited plan. Call for details if interested.)
  • With a Block Purchase Plan calls to staff and faculty will be charged against your account balance.
  • Maximum message and recipient reply length — 120 seconds.
  • Emergency calls and survey broadcasts are billed using a 1.5 rate multiplier.
  • No set–up charge or annual maintenance fee.
  • Credit card or invoice billing available.

Emergency Only Plan

In conjunction with the Block Purchase Plan, we also offer an Emergency Only plan for only $49.95 per year. This plan provides access to the system for list uploads and includes 100 minutes of call time for training and testing. You still select the appropriate block of time that you will need if you launch a broadcast call beyond the initial 100 minutes, but you don’t purchase that block unless you actually need it. This plan is great for any organization without the budget to get started but who sees the value in preparing for the possibility of a crisis.

Payment Options

We accept payment by check or credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) which can be used to pre–pay the plan of your choice. Call our office at 1–888–483–5737 or email us at info@telservtechnologies.com to set up your account on a monthly, quarterly or annual invoice payment plan.

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